Easy Installation

Our service provides a easy-to-use installer with integrated auto updating. You'll never need to worry about having the latest version.


We provide several forms of support in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and listen to all feedback. Our discord will provide 24/7 support as well as setup information for all new releases.

Lightning Fast

Dashe is without doubt the fastest shopify bot across the market. Our unique queue bypass system allows Shopify Dashe to be significantly faster than our competitors.

High Success Rate

Pairing with our lightning fast speeds and advanced features, Dashe allows for a higher success rate compared to other commercial bots.

Quick Captcha Solver

Shopify Dashe has a built in captcha solver as well as custom advanced features to make solving captchas easier during release.

Dark Theme

Not only is Shopify Dashe a well functioning, high succeeding bot, but we also provide elegant design with a beautiful dark theme.

windows & macOSX support

About Dashe.io

Dashe.io is the best add to cart and auto checkout tool for the e-commerce platform shopify. This tool helps fashion lovers around the world get the exclusive items they've always wanted. With thousands of items sucessfully checked out with Dashe, it is undeniably the fastest shopify bot on the market. With over 80 supported shopify website, your chances will drastically increasing in achieving what you've always desired. Whether it's shoes or clothing, Dashe is here to provide you a reliable and safe service. Dashe shines with the use of unique advanced features that are superior than any other ATC Shopify service.

  • Supported on MacOSX

  • Supported on Windows(x64)

Features List

  • Easy to Use
  • Windows and OSX Support
  • Fastest ATC & Checkout Times
  • Keywords / Early Link / Variant Monitor Support
  • Support for 80+ sites
  • Support for Several Regions
  • Queue Bypass Ability
  • Queue Support (Without Bypass Mode)
  • Catch Restocks
  • Local Captcha Solver
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Free Updates
  • Proxy Support
  • Task Specific Proxy Picking
  • Dark theme
  • Auto-Clicking Captcha
  • Auto Updating
  • and more!

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