Largest Real Estate Companies In The World

In its best and worst phases, the home purchasing process may be extremely stressful. Nearly 30% of all house buyers and sellers enlist the help of real estate agencies in order to avoid the most difficult aspects of the laborious activity. I will talk on the largest real estate companies

Beyond the purchase of residential properties, the real estate market is extensive. Real estate firms can invest in and own a variety of assets to generate significant returns.

Types of real estate properties include:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Land

Real estate is also distinguished by whether a company constructs, buys, or sells its property.

It’s a market with enormous earning potential and relevance in every nation on earth. In light of this, we’ve compiled data on the top 15 global real estate firms according to their projected 2021 annual income.

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Largest Real Estate Companies

1. Keller Williams Realty. Headquarters: Austin, Texas

2021 Annual Revenue: $532.2 Billion

In the beginning, Austin, Texas-based Keller Williams Realty just had one office that marketed and sold houses there. The biggest real estate corporation in the world grew from these modest beginnings.

In 1983, Joe Williams and Gary Keller established the firm. The company hired 72 agents in the following two years, and this number continued to rise over time.

When the 1990s arrived, the real estate firm began expanding outside of the state of Texas and franchising their operating system. This prepared them for growth well into the 2000s, which they aided by starting their enterprise in opulent estates.

In more recent years, Keller Williams Realty has worked hard to expand their real estate business internationally. In 2012, they agreed to a franchise agreement with South Africa, and in 2018, they opened up shop in other South American nations.

Their commitment to growth has made them the biggest and most successful real estate company in the world.

2. Brookfield Asset Management. Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

2021 Annual Revenue: $75.73 Billion

Brookfield Asset Management has a lengthy and erratic past. It was established in Brazil more than 120 years ago as the San Paulo Tramway, Light, and Power Company and served primarily as an infrastructure management organization.

The business relocated to Canada in the 1960s and changed its name to Brascan Limited.

The focus has expanded in North America to encompass fields other than infrastructure, such as real estate, renewable energy, and private equity. Due to this, the company’s final name was changed to Brookfield Asset Management in 2005.

They are today one of the greatest real estate investors in the world, managing assets worth $208 billion and employing 22,000 people.

3. CBRE. Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

2021 Annual Revenue: $29.14 Billion

CBRE is the best broker for the job when it comes to purchasing and selling commercial real estate property. Anyone involved in the process of buying, selling, or investing in commercial real estate might benefit from their assistance. They also operate in almost every region of the world, from Asia to the Americas.

The oldest traces of CBRE may be found in the early 1900s, however throughout that time the business underwent numerous name changes as well as changes in ownership.

CBRE had gone public and increased its share of the real estate market throughout the 1990s by acquiring numerous other brokerages, including Westmark Realty Advisors and Koll Real Estate Services.

CBRE Commercial Real Estate Services’ extensive clientele propelled them to #128 on the Fortune 500 in 2020.

4. Cushman Wakefield, Inc. Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

2021 Annual Revenue: $9.4 Billion

A pair of in-law brothers founded Cushman Wakefield in 1917 in New York City. Until they were chosen to be the project developer for Chicago Sears Tower in 1969, the little real estate firm’s development was slow but consistent for 40 years.

After then, Cushman Wakefield, Inc. acquired Healey Baker, one of their key real estate companies, in an effort to expand into Europe. As a result, they teamed up with other global real estate companies in regions including Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

The most recent Cushman Wakefield event was the company’s 2018 IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. Their expansion into international markets contributed to their prosperity for more than a century.

5. American Tower Corporation. Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

2021 Annual Revenue: $8.042 Billion

American Tower Corporation operates and develops wireless communication, such as cell-phone towers, unlike many of the other major real estate firms.

The American Tower Corporation, which was established in 1995 as a division of American Radio Systems, eventually became one of the largest real estate investment trusts in the world. The company went public on the stock market as a separate entity shortly after it was created when the parent company was sold to CBS.

The American Tower Company opened offices in Mexico and Brazil after seizing control of its own business. They did well in these fields.

By 2007, the business had joined the SP 500 and was attempting to grow outside of the Americas. American Tower had installed 50,000 communication points around the world five years after being accepted onto the SP.

As of 2020, that accomplishment had more than tripled, making American Tower Corporation the biggest real estate investment trust (REIT) worldwide.

6. Realogy Holdings, Madison, New Jersey as its main office

Annual Revenue in 2021: $8 billion

A divisional break within the hotel firm Cendant led to the creation of Realogy Holdings. The business’s involvement in the various areas resulted in the creation of independent businesses. This included starting Realogy Holdings in 2005 as a result of their real estate endeavors.

Realogy has grown to be one of the biggest publicly traded real estate and relocation organizations in existence today thanks to its control over numerous significant brands, both domestically and globally.

7. Prologis’s corporate office is in San Francisco, California.

Annual Sales in 2021: $4.830 billion

Every real estate firm has a strong suit. That refers to sizable industrial assets for Prologis. With estimated 814 million square feet of industrial property spread over 19 nations, they are the largest industrial real estate corporation on the planet.

The business was founded in 1983 as an AMB property organization, and in 1999 it was given its current name, Prologis. Their first investment plan was to focus heavily on warehouses and shopping malls rather than office buildings.

Prologic invested a lot of time in expanding its sites in the 2000s by opening offices in countries including China, Europe, and Japan. They were included in the Fortune 1000 by 2007. The most recent change at Prologis was the $13 billion full acquisition of the company by Liberty Property Trust in 2020.

8. Headquarters of Simon Property Group, Inc. are in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Revenue for 2021: $4.608 billion

The Simon Property Group’s commercial activities are within the retail umbrella. The corporation, in addition to being a well-known commercial real estate brokerage, operates more retail centers than any other company in the US. There’s a strong probability that any American retail center you’ve visited is run by Simon Property Group, Inc.

Brothers Melvin and Herbert Simon established the publicly traded Simon Property Group, Inc. barely 28 years ago. After being founded, Simon Property Group soon built their company’s foundation by acquiring a number of shopping centers and retail locations across the country.

Simon Property Group, Inc. currently holds a monopoly in the commercial retail real estate sector. The corporation controls the majority of shopping center real estate in the United States thanks to its ownership of 204 substantial retail sites.

9. Welltower. Office location: Toledo, Ohio

Revenue for 2021: $4.606 billion

Senior housing and healthcare facilities make up the majority of the real estate transactions in which Welltower was involved. Since the business was created in 1970, it was originally known as “Health Care Fund” because to its close ties to the medical industry.

In order to expand its professional potential beyond healthcare facilities, they changed their name to Welltower in 2015.

In 2020, Welltower identifies housing and real estate as its top priorities for delivering high-quality healthcare at an affordable price. Currently, they own about 1,400 healthcare facilities in North America and the UK.

10. Cambridge Properties. Headquarters: Massachusetts’s Boston

Annual Income in 2021: $2.889 billion

Boston Properties is an expert in office buildings for businesses. Large American cities like Boston, Los Angeles, and New York City host the majority of their transactions.

Boston Properties is well-known for a few significant historical events. The corporation began building the NASA headquarters in 1990, 20 years after its founding in 1970. As a result, they began to buy important commercial office properties in significant American cities.

Boston Properties holds 196 commercial properties with an annual revenue of around $3 billion as of 2019.

11. Equity Residential’s corporate office is in Chicago, Illinois.

Annual Income in 2021: $2.572 billion

Equity Residential is a real estate firm focused on apartment investments, as their name would imply. Similar to Boston Properties, Equity Residential operates primarily in the nation’s largest cities. These consist of:

Santa Clara

DC, Washington

in New York




With a total of 309 properties, they are currently the second-largest apartment owner in the United States.

12. AvalonBay Communities. Headquarters: Hopewell, Virginia

2021 Annual Revenue: $2.295 Billion

AvalonBay Communities is a different real estate business that invests mostly in apartment buildings. In fact, they are just behind Equity Residential as the third-largest apartment owner in the country.

The residential real estate firms Avalon Properties Inc. and Bay Apartment Communities merged in 1998 to form AvalonBay. They began with a total of 40,506 apartments when they were combined.

That marked the start of a protracted period of growth and investment. It was established in 1993, and today it controls almost 80,000 residential buildings along the American coasts.

13. Annaly Capital Management. Headquarters: New York, New York

2021 Annual Revenue: $2.1 Billion

A real estate investment trust called Annaly Capital Management specializes on New York City mortgages. They deal with commercial and residential mortgage financing.

Wellington Denahan and Michael Farrell, a longtime employee of investment banks, launched the business in 1997. Annaly increased its customer base to 59.8 million shares and $957 million in its first five years of operation.

Despite seeing a sharp decline in sales in 2019, Annaly Capital Management remains among the industry’s biggest real estate firms.

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