Online Pay Stub Generator: 7 Best Options For Your Business

Have you just hired a few staff members to assist you in running your company? You might need to give them a pay stub that includes information about their income in addition to the check you give them at the conclusion of each pay period.This article is about a pay stubs.

A pay stubs: what is it?

A pay stub is a paper or digital record that outlines how an employee’s earnings were determined. The pay stub contains information such as the employee’s salary, deductions and taxes paid, and net pay. When unsure of their take-home compensation, employees can consult their pay stubs.

A pay stub is another name for a record that a company issues that lists an employee’s gross pay, deductions from that pay, and net compensation. Each employee receives a fresh pay stub for each pay period since pay stubs are produced concurrently with paychecks.

To authenticate direct deposits of employees’ paychecks, a pay stub may be created as a separate component of a paper paycheck or it may exist in electronic form and be made available online.

Don’t be startled if you hear the terms “pay stub,” “paycheck stub,” or “pay slip” when asked to provide information about an employee’s salary.

Pay Stubs: How Are They Made?

When a company is young, tiny, or has few resources, it could be forced to handle pay stubs and other payroll-related duties manually. This method of handling payroll may require relying on several spreadsheets, paper documents, websites, and other resources each pay period. If you only have a few staff, it is doable, but it is difficult and time-consuming. For small firms, payroll software is a far better alternative, and it becomes crucial as they expand. As soon as the information is submitted for each employee, issuing paychecks and pay stubs becomes quicker and simpler.

Online Pay Stubs Generator

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The purpose of a pay stub

Pay stubs assist you in staying in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which mandates that companies keep records of employee wages. Additionally, you can use them to resolve compensation disparities for employees if the need arises.

Although it should be noted that the FLSA requires you to provide pay subs to your employees, federal law does not oblige you to do so.

When an employee applies for a loan or leases a new apartment, pay stubs are used as proof of income. Lenders can plainly observe the worker’s take-home pay because the document includes a full breakdown of their income. Lenders will find it simpler to undertake risk analyses and make decisions as a result.

Should an employer provide a pay stub?

Although several states in the United States demand pay stubs, there is no federal law that mandates this. State labor offices should be consulted, especially if your organization conducts business in more than one state because specifics of those regulations differ from one state to the next.

Employers are obligated by the Fair Labor Standards Act to preserve records of employee wages and hours worked, even in places where pay stubs are not needed. Employees have the right to access this data.

Therefore, how do you make a pay stub?

Utilizing an online pay stub generator is the simplest method. This software program gathers all of your payroll-related information and invoices, and then generates a unique pay stub that you can provide to your workforce. You can use the program to create pay stubs without hiring an accountant by entering the necessary information.

Best pay stub generators for quick and professional pay stubs

1. Shopify pay stub generator

Because Shopify’s online pay stub generator meets all the criteria for an all-in-one pay stub generator, it takes the top rank. The program can generate pay stubs with all relevant firm, employee, income, and deduction data. Simply fill out the appropriate fields by following the four instructions on the pay stub generator’s page. Shopify will send you a fully functional electronic pay slip right away through email.

You can create personalized pay stub without spending money on pricey software by using Shopify’s pay stub generator. A personalized pay stub can be prepared and emailed to you if you have the necessary information. Would you like to export pay stubs as a PDF? With the help of this generator, that is also feasible.

Price: Free.

2. Wix Pay Stub Generator

Another fantastic tool for small businesses to make pay stubs online is Wix’s pay stub generator. Like other Wix products, the generator is simple to use and browse. With just a few clicks, you can enter information about your company, change employee salaries and details, and add or remove tax deductions as necessary.

To suit your particular branding requirements, you can even add your logo to the pay stub and make other adjustments. Next, email your employees a copy of your pay stub or download and print a PDF copy from your email.

Price: Free.

3. Wave Financial pay stub generator

The check stub generator on Wave is quick and effective. You may generate shareable pay stubs with only one button click. The online generator also includes a section for YTD components, which shows how much gross pay an employee has made through the pay period for the pay stub up to that point in the year. Total deductions and net pay for the entire year up to that time can also be included.

By performing the computations on your behalf, Wave’s pay stub generator lowers the possibility of human errors like misspellings or incorrect entries. You can print or download a pay stub as a PDF to provide to your employee after making one.

Price: Free.

4. ClickFunnels Paystub Maker Tool

Although the company that created the program also provides other business tools, such as a pay stub generator, ClickFunnels is best known for being a sales funnel builder. You can use the generator to quickly and easily produce attractive pay stubs. It is that easy to use. Calculate, design, and print.

To make it simpler for employees to identify who sent them, you can also include your company logo on the pay stub. The program does a good job of creating a pay stub, even though it doesn’t have as many capabilities as some of the other pay stub generators on this list. For record-keeping and documentation purposes, you can also email or download a copy to yourself.

Price: Free.

5. 123 PayStubs

A very efficient tool for creating and printing employee pay stubs is 123PayStubs. The pay stub generator makes sure you get ready-to-send documents by using really professional templates. Additionally, the program enables you to add bonuses, tips, and overtime hours to the pay stubs.

Additionally, you can generate many pay stubs for a worker without inputting the information again and adjust the earnings according to the industry. Additionally, you can examine the pay stub online before downloading it and make an unlimited number of changes without incurring any additional fees.

Price: Free for the first pay stub, $3.99 from the second pay stub.

6. Form Pros Pay Stub Maker

Want to generate pay stubs in a variety of formats? You can create pay stubs using Form Pros in either letter- or A4-size. Additionally, it gives you the ability to select between portrait and landscape orientations for each sort of file. Choose from a variety of pay stub designs, then enter the necessary information to quickly create a pay slip.

Even while using Form Pros to create employee pay stubs costs money, it’s considerably less expensive than employing an accountant. Additionally, you have a variety of pay stub designs to select from, including layouts that allow you to enter additional earned revenue (like overtime, tips, and holiday pay).

Price: $8.99 per stub.

7. ThePayStubs

You can expedite pay stub creation with the help of ThePayStubs’ generator. You may create a professional pay stub to deliver to your employee in under two minutes. You can obtain help from ThePayStubs’ support staff if you run into any technical problems when generating the pay stub.

You’ll be able to efficiently manage your finances with ThePayStubs’ pay stub calculator. Additionally, you’ll feel more at ease because the tool ensures accurate estimates.

Price: $8.99 per stub.

Give your employees professional looking pay stubs

Payroll compliance and accountability may be attained quite easily with the help of pay stubs. But if you create them manually, it can take some time (i.e., use a pay stub template). Additionally, using payroll services is simply too expensive.

Fortunately, you can quickly create professional-quality pay stubs using online pay stub generators. Create significant record-keeping papers that will help you and your staff using these tools. They’re all easy, quick, and cost nothing to use.

Online pay stub generator FAQ

How do I create my own pay stub?

Even though there are various ways to make your own pay stub, the easiest way is to use an online pay stub generator. Most online pay stub creators are free, and they enable you to create a customized pay stub in just a few simple steps and almost quickly.

How does a pay stub generator work?

A pay stub generator relies on the following steps to work:

  1. Enter the business, employee, and income information.
  2. Enter any relevant deductions.
  3. Click the “Create pay stub” button.

Once done, the tool will send you your new pay stub by email.

What is the best pay stub generator?

The best pay stub generator is one that checks the following boxes:

  • It’s instant.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It has a simple and clean UI.
  • It offers PDF exports.
  • It’s free.

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