The Best $50 Instant Loan Apps

Payday loans are considerably inferior than $50 instant loan apps since they frequently include hidden fees and interest rates. Continue reading to learn about the finest $50 loan applications you can use right now to find an alternative method to survive until payday.

The best cash advance choices, such as $50 instant Loan apps with no credit checks, have aided many Americans who have been living paycheck to paycheck owing to deteriorating economic conditions. The Covid 19 pandemic contributed to the crisis by destroying thousands of budgeting plans, leaving many families in financial peril, and driving up borrowing costs.

I’ll be blogging about the top 10 $50 quick apps that help people and small families survive until payday.

1. Albert

  • Limit: $250
  • Fee: $0


  • Automatic savings and investment options
  • No interest
  • No late, overdraft or maintenance fees
  • No credit check

Without checking your credit, Albert will loan you up to $250. You merely need to link your bank account, and you can receive the money in two to three business days. Paying a little cost for an immediate transfer, which normally takes a few hours, is an option if you need the money right away. Additionally, Albert provides investing alternatives starting at only $1 and automatic savings programs based on your income, expenses, and spending patterns. You can uncover some unrecognized savings if you use budgeting to keep tabs on your expenses and payments.

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2. Branch

  • Limit: 50% of earned wages
  • Fee: $0


  • No credit check required
  • Can receive money in 1-3 days
  • No interest or fees

Branch is an instant payment software that is available to employers in a range of industries, including trucking and logistics, retail, restaurants, healthcare, and more. If your employer provides access to up to 50% of your earned income possible, take advantage of it. Branch transfers the money into a digital wallet that you are free to use anyway you see fit, as opposed to your bank account.

The program is particularly appealing to independent freelancers since users may access their money in a variety of ways and are paid fast after completing a task.

3. Brigit

  • Limit: $250
  • Fees: Free; Plus plan option is $9.99 per month


  • Budgeting tools
  • Access to savings on things such as car insurance
  • Budgeting tools
  • No credit check, interest or upfront deposit

More than 4 million members can receive up to $250 of their pay early by using Brigit. To help you raise your credit score and monitor your finances, the software also has a budgeting feature. If the software notices that your bank account is about to go into a negative balance, it may even make an automatic deposit. Additionally, consumers have access to special savings on services like auto insurance and personal loans. After connecting the app to your bank account, your prior financial transactions will determine how much money you can receive.

4. Chime

  • Limit: $20 to $200
  • Fee: $0 monthly maintenance, foreign transaction, interest or transfer1


  • Get paid up to two days early with direct deposit2
  • Cash advances available up to $203
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No credit check

Get $20 to $200 instantly3 using SpotMe® and the Chime checking account. You will receive a Chime Checking Account, a Visa Debit Card, a Chime Credit Builder Visa® Credit Card, as well as up to $250,000 in FDIC insurance. Your initial cash advance limit will be $20, but Chime may raise it based on your financial history and spending patterns.

5. Cleo

  • Limit: $20 to $100
  • Fee: $0 for basic plan; $5.99 per month for Cleo Plus and $14.99 per month for Cleo Builder


  • No interest
  • Features to help with financial decisions
  • No credit check

What app will let me borrow $100, you ask? or “Which app allows me to borrow $20?” Cleo has both skills. Users of the app can budget, establish credit, and save in addition to borrowing between $20 and $70. You might be eligible to boost your borrowing limit to $100 once you have timely repaid your debts. Cleo will evaluate your transactions when you link your bank account and will offer suggestions on how to better manage your money. Usually, it takes between one and three days to receive your money.

6. DailyPay

  • Limit: Up to 100% of your net earned income
  • Fee: Fee for instant transfers to your bank account, debit card or payroll card; no fee for 1-3 business day transfers


  • Transfer money to your bank account, debit card or prepaid Visa
  • No membership fee for employees
  • No interest or credit check

Friday is a prepaid Visa card that DailyPay offers users, providing them with no-fee fast access to their employees’ earned income. Employees receive the training at no cost from their employers. Simply connect your bank account to receive money promptly for a nominal cost or wait a few days and receive it for free. After your shift is over, you can transfer money from the app 24/7.

7. Dave

  • Limit: $500 with ExtraCash™
  • Fee: $1 monthly


  • No credit check
  • Use of a Mastercard with Dave Debit Mastercard®
  • No late fees or interest

Dave, a fintech banking app, is the solution if you’re wondering which apps allow you to borrow money right away. With its ExtraCashTM program, you can get up to $500 quickly and use your Dave Debit Mastercard® to immediately spend it. Simply have your paycheck transferred into your Dave account, and the specified sum will be deducted from your check on the following payday. The app will cost you $1 per month to use, but other than that, there are no more costs unless you ask for an immediate transfer.

One of the top payday loan apps available right now is Dave. How quickly you repay your loans, how much money you have left over, and the state of your Dave history all affect how much you can borrow.

8. Earnin

  • Limit: $750
  • Fees: $0 hidden costs, penalties or interest; Lighting Speed transfer option available for a fee


  • High advance limit
  • Instant transfers available
  • No penalties, credit check, interest or waiting period

With Earnin, you can access your earned profits early with a quick loan to receive the cash you need. You are permitted to receive an advance of up to $750 from each pay period. The processing time for instant loans is typically one to three days, but if you want it now, you can use the Lightning Speed transfer option for a nominal cost. Simply connect your bank account, and Earnin will take the money you borrow directly out of your subsequent paycheck. To utilize the app, you must be employed and receive direct deposits into your checking account.

9. MoneyLion

  • Limit: $25 to $250; up to $300 with a RoarMoney account
  • Fees: $0 monthly for basic membership, $19.99 per month for Credit Builder Plus; fee applies for instant transfers


  • No interest or credit check
  • Investing, cryptocurrency and credit building options
  • GamePlan financial tools

Users of MoneyLion’s RoarMoneySM program can receive their wages up to two days early. With no monthly fees, you can get fast cash advances from $25 to $250. You can access up to $300 by switching the direct payment into a RoarMoney account from your bank account, which accepts direct deposits. Unless you want your money sent to an external account, which typically takes three to five business days, MoneyLion will send it to you within 12 to 48 hours. A fee that is determined by the quantity and destination of the money you need right away might be paid.

10. Payactiv

  • Limit: Up to 50% of earnings
  • Fees: No fee for basic features; less than $3 for instant access to earned wages


  • No credit check
  • Discounts from popular companies
  • Access money via transfer to your Payactiv Card or bank account or get cash from a Walmart Money Center

Users who want to manage their money and payments without taking out loans can utilize PayActiv. Another free app supplied by your workplace is this one. The software tracks your work hours by connecting to your company. Up to 50% of your earnings are available to you, with your employer setting the limit. The app will immediately subtract the amount you borrow from your subsequent direct deposit if you choose to transfer your earned money to your bank account or PayActiv card, pick up cash from a Walmart Money Center, or do either of those things. If you select PayActiv’s direct deposit option, the service is cost-free, and you’ll receive your money within one to three days.

Final Word

Finding the best app for your financial condition is crucial if you want to avoid taking out exploitative payday loans. Instant $50 loan apps are a terrific option.

You don’t want to have to go through a lengthy application process only to borrow a small amount, so make sure it’s user-friendly and has flexible approval requirements. The majority of these applications demand users to repay the loan on their next payday, so pay close attention to the costs and terms. Last but not least, choose an app that will pay you promptly. If you’re in a bind, the last thing you want to do is have to wait a while for your money.

Thanks for reading through.

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